Transfer your research into a business adventure

The central interface service UGent TechTransfer and the more than 25 decentralized Business Development Centers support researchers in developing groundbreaking science to bring innovations to the market. Together they look for opportunities in your research, they look at which valorization strategy is the best option, they make contact with mentors and advisors,...

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Ghent University Venture Track

Is your startup idea based on your academic research? Take part in the Ghent University Venture Track, a trajectory for enterprising researchers who want to set up a Ghent University spin-off.

DO! Dare to Venture!

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea that is not based on your research? Take a look at Dare to Venture!, the point of contact for entrepreneurship at Ghent University.

Entrepreneurship courses at Ghent University

Ghent University offers numerous courses on entrepreneurship, for different phases in shaping your entrepreneurial ideas and in different research domains.


Do you have a proof of concept? Then you can apply for project funding from the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) to bring your innovative project to the market.

Ghent University spin-offs

Since 1996, UGent TechTransfer has been responsible for creating more than 120 new technology companies based on academic research generated within and owned by Ghent University. She sets up an average of six to eight new companies each year. This leads thousands of euros back to university research, benefits local economic development and creates many new jobs in the region.