ConnecTT projects form a financing channel for projects in which there is a collaboration between at least two AUGent association partners.


We start with innovative research results or a proof-of-concept at one of the Association partners (Artevelde Hogeschool, HOGENT, Howest, Ghent University). The unique combination of knowledge, expertise and resources available from the various partners contribute to the development of an innovative concept with a view to economic valorization. These projects offer an entry-level module within which the valorization process is identified and initiated.

Objectives that can be envisaged within ConnecTT projects:

  • achieving technical proof-of-concept;
  • the delivery of functional prototypes and demonstrators that allow valorization to be realized in the short term or to define a clear valorization process;
  • conducting a feasibility study or having it carried out;
  • supplying (or having supplied) additional data during the priority year to strengthen a filed patent application with the aim of delivering the proof-of-concept, identifying a potential (niche) market / partner with the specifications that valorizable technology must meet meet and the feasibility / relevance of this within an academic context;

ConnecTT projects must be aimed at generating income from valorization, with the aim being to generate a positive return on the IOF funds invested.

Project proposals that do not envisage a clearly measurable valorization objective cannot be considered for financing. The economic valorization that may result from ConnecTT projects does not necessarily have to happen in Flanders.

Contact our IOF-project coordinators for more information: