Sensor technology finds it way to VEG-i-TEC


SensorsIn VEG-i-TEC, we value our resources. Therefore, one of our project engineers, Kiara Viaene, works on different industrial projects related to measuring and monitoring water quality, next to mapping of process and product parameters during the processing of vegetables and potatoes. Parameters are measured, preferably online as usage of electricity and steam, the water quantity (and quality) in the food processing and the produce quality.

Examples of projects where she is involved:

👉The SmartWaterUse COOCK project (funded by Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen - VLAIO) has been one of the foundation projects to work on sensor technology and to make the step towards an online monitoring and control framework.

👉sensors2In addition, Kiara applies the achieved knowledge for the industrial projects that take place in the VEG-i-TEC pilot hall in the framework of the Water Test Network project (funded by Interreg North West Europe (NWE)), where new biocides or technologies for water treatment are tested, and online monitoring of these new or traditional biocides is validated and the formation of by-products are quantified during the processing of vegetables into a cutted, washed and packed product on a pilot scale.

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Kiara: The fresh food processing line has no secrets👌

This all happens thanks to close cooperation with a.o. the involved food industry, sensor, biocide and technology suppliers, but also via funding by Interreg NWE, Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen, VLAIO, and (cluster) organisations such as Flanders'FOOD and Vlakwa.