The power of single-cell technology: building an organ atlas, one cell at a time

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Tuesday May 4, 2021 - 7pm-8pm: lecture

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Prof. Martin Guilliams - Dept. Biomedical molecular biology - RG ONSET - VIB Center for Inflammation Research

Novel single-cell technologies allow the analysis of biological systems at multiple scales of resolution, from single cells to whole organs and even entire organisms. Improved knowledge on the precise cellular composition of healthy versus inflamed tissues, and understanding how these cell types interact with one another is critical to unravel disease mechanisms. Detailed mechanistic insight can only be achieved using complementary technologies for single-cell profiling combined with advanced bio-informatics approaches.

In this talk we will discuss the participation of the Ghent University to the international Liver Human Cell Atlas Consortium, in which we plan to build a single cell map of the human liver.

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